It is great to be a contributing writer on My Trending Stories.

I've had the chance to read through several categories, topics, and from different writers. It's great to see the diversity of opinions and perspectives. I've also had the chance to test put it to the test and post my recent blog posts from my website. It is very user friendly as you all can see. And now I thought I should introduce myself, so in this article you will read all things about "Me, myself and I".

My name is Marwa Patz, I am an Image consultant (AKA Personal Stylist, Fashion Consultant). A title that has several similar other titles. However, I am not your ordinary Image Consultant, my career does not only focus on telling you what to wear and how to wear it, what color your hair should be or what haircut you should get. I go the extra mile by taking care of your Image as a whole!

Your image is made up of Appearance, Character, Skills, Behavior, Body Language and most importantly Attitude. The difference AND similarity between the factors that make up your image is a very thin line!

It is a bundle, a magic potion made up of special ingredients which gives us, You! My expertise emphasizes on strengthening your image factors to boost your confidence to achieve your desired goal. When I founded Hues (which means a color or a shade/ a character or aspect), I wanted signify the power of embracing and understanding how unique you are, just like the Hummingbird.

Alongside being an Image & Etiquette consultant, I am a Licensed Future Life Progressionist (FLP).

Future Life Progression is a new a new form of guided meditation which takes you forward to see your best possible future. When you have a goal to achieve in life, if you lack the motivation to work for it, then you will succeed. FLP, guided meditation, takes you forward to visualize your own future. Finding your soulmate, your future home, or finding yourself in 5 to 10 years time. During a session you need to be focused, relaxed, and let your visualizations take you forward. After a session, you feel fresh, motivated, and filled with energy. (Going through a session is a special experience)

I had the honor to train and get certified by the leading pioneer of FLP, Anne Jirsch, who has authored best selling books (which have been forwarded by Paul McKenna).

So, enough dosage of Marwa for now. That's me in the present time, I aspire for so much in the Future, and I only have my past to thank!

May you have a great day ahead, may it be filled with all things positive, success, and beauty of the soul!



Published by Marwa Patz