The advancement of medical technology has given birth to the medical sensors which have revolutionized the medical industry. The extent of advancement allows the doctors to operate and keep a tab on even the minutest of the details possible which go within our body so that you can recuperate quickly. Let us look into the different ways in which they are useful for doctors:

  •  The problem of inaccessibility within the body is countered since they are very tiny. 
  • perfect for the treatment of cancer, since the tumors are eliminated using them.
  • Reduction in the consumption of the energy, since the size is smaller. 
  • Makes the implants more durable and increases the efficiency of the treatment. 

Though the growing medical technology mandates the use of sensors, the business of the sensors has been increasing and the manufacturers are looking at the huge potential of the business in a positive manner. Certain areas of application for the sensors in the medical domain include:

  • In the domain of orthoedics, the implants, as well as the machinery, require the sensors and micro coils. 
  • The implants within our body need to be monitored which can be done through the sensors.
  • Temperature regulation and measurement through the thermocouple sensors in the miniature form help in proper diagnosis. 

 Requirements for manufacturing of medical sensors 

The manufacturing of the medical sensors can be real tricky work. With the increased medical applications, the medical sensors must be abiding with certain regulations and quality standards which makes them unique. Manufacturers, while manufacturing must look forward to looking into the following points which ensure improved quality of the products:

 Standardize products as per the prevailing ISO 13485 standard must be maintained which ensures that the product passes the quality checks by the clients. 

Variations in the requirement set forward by the clients and must follow specific guidelines, which are client-specific.

The use of sophisticated machinery makes the sensor manufacturing a competing industry. The state-of-the-art machinery must be made in the manufacturing unit as they are very difficult to be purchased.

Traceability of the material must be maintained along with the use of commonly used traces to make the tracing easier. 

The dimensions of the wire need to very highly tuned, such that they are not only thin but also thinner than the hair on our heads. Since the diameter of the wires is close to 10 microns, they are used for in-body applications in the medical field since they don’t affect the normal functioning of the person.

Final thoughts

Manufacturing requires a lot of experience and an excellent collection of the best machinery. The efficiency of the manufacturing process requires the best in the business such that the wires used are insulated and micro-coils are manufactured. Using the technology of high pressure coupled with high temperature, the bonding of the micro-coils is made that enables excellent connection with the wires, thus making them durable. With the customization in terms of terminals as per the client requirement, manufacturers ensure that the best quality is delivered, eventually. 


Published by Shahbaz Ahmed