Hi, my name is Dion and I'm a victim of stress. [This is where all of you in the room would reply with monotone and dry welcome]. Overall, I'm grateful to say that I live a beautiful life and one that I am proud to be co-creating...but I still experience the highs and lows of a stressful lifestyle.


We are unique in the way we express ourselves and we are unique in the way we internalize stress. In my case, I have my own stressors that I have been struggling with for some time. I'm a workaholic, a busy-bee, the kind of person that is ALWAYS needing to DO something. On top of my stressful behaviors, there is cultural stress, stress of schooling, working, home and relationship-stress. I have had moments where I wished I could stop time just to take a breath.  This behavior has been over-rewarded in my upbringing and now my life is a dance of symptoms of psychological stress. I have reached out in the wrong places: external relief and distractions through alcohol, drugs, eating, mindless Tv. All those things lead me nowhere, still stressed  and overwhelmed. So what helps me? 

I'm learning that there is beauty and also necessity in rest, relaxation and recharge, and this wisdom is now rising in value. The major mediating factors between stress and I have been two key activities: Yoga and Meditation.  You have yet to try a yoga class? If you are open-minded and gentle with yourself in the learning process, yoga is an amazing alchemical practice. If it's not on the relative things for you to try this year then fret not, meditation is still available to you. Never meditated before? Don't worry - you don't have to run into the mountains and fast for 10 days (Unless you want to try it, it's not for the faint-hearted). Thanks to the amazing minds of technology today, avid meditators out there have been creative in their means of teaching the world how to meditate. Hurrah for APPS!


Today I want to dip into my favorite collection of meditation apps that I have found easy and effective to get the job done. Take a break from stress and medicate yourself with your breath! 




My Top 4 favorite APPS that ease Mind Body & Soul



1. Headspace: Treat Your Head Right

A new APP that a girlfriend showed me just three days ago. I’ve used it everyday since the initial download and I love it! It’s simple, quirky and beginner friendly. The ability to invite your friends to meditate with you, also able to see each other’s progress allows for a sense of accountability but also connection. The little animations every other lesson entertain the mind as it helps you reprogram your ability to focus. Once you’ve passed the first stage of 10 days, you unlock subscription access and other lessons as well. Try out Creativity, Productivity or Stress Release for more specific meditation guidance. Options for daily reminders and notifications are quite helpful but not nagging. 


2. Omvana

I’m loyal to Omvana because I’m head over heels for MindValley. If you consider yourself a LightWorker, MindValley is one of those companies that you dream to be a part of. I’ve never thought I’d fall in love with a Brand or a company in the same way. This APP is visual, versatile and expansive. It’s interface similar in use to the Apple Store on Mac systems. There is a smorgasbord of categories you can choose from: How-to-be’s, Inspiring Speeches, Abundance and Law of Attraction, Visualizations, simple breathing techniques galore. With certain meditative tracks you can mix your choice of background music to vocal overlays to your liking. This app was my first-go-to when I decided to incorporate meditation into my lifestyle. 


3. Transform your Daily Life by Cheri Huber


 Now this isn’t necessarily a meditation app but it is an insightful little “book” to keep in your pocket. It reads 365 days and everyday is a new page written with a themed quote. With the quote a “journal” assignment is given to suggest ways to incorporate the thought into your day. I find the act of journaling very soothing and meditative. We all express differently and I believe journaling is a personal platform that when used intently may allow more in depth investigation and growth to occur in a more natural setting for an individual. 












4. SleepStream! 

I suggest this app to all my fellow insomniacs. When I was 17-21 I had terrible insomnia that was onset due to sporadic behaviors (I was a teenager). Later on in life I learned the several triggers and ways insomnia develops and grew out of it. But during those times of intense tiredness and lack of sleeping, I turned to SleepStream. I had heard or read somewhere that binaural beats were the new thing in music technology and that it could cure/assist many ailments. I decided to try it out. The APP has many in-app purchases available, but a well of FREE tracks as well. There is a binaural beat overlay that you may choose to mix with a handful of background music. I drifted more towards water sounds and the mid-tone beats. I used this app religiously and within a course of 3-6 months the gap between laying down and laying awake decreased and I was getting 5-8 hours of sleep a night. I definitely recommend the pre-sleep guide as well.



There are many benefits to having a daily meditation practice and there are several ways you can tailor your practice to your lifestyle and personal preferences. The trend in this era is instant gratification; Meditation is not a one-hit-wonder or fix-it all answer, it is a practice. With practice, comes better - not perfect. I have yet to meet a single person who has told me they have regretted learning meditation. I have heard that they regret not beginning sooner, as it has transformed them through meditation. Whatever curiosity or doubts you have, the best way to experience it is through your own life and the work you put into it. Just breathe and go slowly.



Published by Dion Garcia