I had someone ask me to talk about this particular diet because they know someone who recommended it to them and they wanted  me to share this on my blog in hopes I would inform people of this "unknown" diet.  Now from what they were told, this particular diet isn't a very popular one but this person knows of a couple of people who are taking part in it and have achieved great results from it and she was thinking about wanting to try this but wasn't really sure how well it would work with her lifestyle.  She said she did research, but came up with not as much information as she would have liked and from what she was told about it, it seemed fairly straightforward but she wanted me to state my opinion of this diet; one because she knows I don't like diets and 2 because she is anxious to hear if I would recommend it.  Now since I have no one I know who has tried this diet and I have not done much research about this diet beforehand, I feel the need to come clean and say this was one diet I knew nothing about so I had to do my own research today.  I will also mention that from what I have found it seems fairly decent and really some of it seems silly because why make something like this a diet when it should already be apart of your healthy lifestyle, but because I am not bias until the very end, I will list some pros and cons of this diet and then share my opinion.  I will ask if someone knows more about this diet, please do share with me so I can relay the information back to others because I don't want to misguide anyone and I want to make sure all my mistakes are corrected.  The Mediterranean diet: Consist of eating primarily plant based foods, whole grains, nuts and legumes. They replace butter with healthy fats (i.e olive oil); the use of herbs and spices instead of salt and limiting red meat to no more than a few times a month.




  • Promotes heart healthy foods
  • Promotes physical activity on a regular
  • Covers all the major food groups
  • Most people can keep up with this diet short and long term



  • Possibly more expensive 
  • takes more time to cook fresh food
  • Not designed for weight loss
  • Does not include a lot of dairy, so you should keep up on calcium intake 
  • Watching your red wine intake (this is part of the diet to have red wine, but don't go overboard)
  • Watching the amount of fats you consume because even though you are eating "healthy" fats, you should make sure you are eating them in moderation

With all this being said, I am not upset about this diet at all. I find that it actually makes sense to me and even though I do not like diets, I feel as though this serves a good purpose.  For the first time, I can actually agree that this particular diet could be a long term diet if someone was to do it, and the emphasis it puts on physical activity makes me happy.  Although this diet is for weight loss, does not mean one couldn't lose weight, it just means the goal isn't about losing weight; the goal is to have good eating habits and make a living taking care of your nutrition.  Like I said prior, this shouldn't even be a diet or fad, this should be a lifestyle because it should be something most people would want to do anyways.  I realize the red meats have to be reduced, which isn't necessarily all bad, I am sure for those of us who like our hamburger and steaks could find ways to still eat them more than what this diet calls for and still manage this diet as long as everything is well balanced. The cons are simply part of being an adult pretty much, I mean we all know cooking takes a bit of time and that shouldn't come as a surprise, for those of you who don't cook this is a good chance to spruce up on those skills and want to learn for no other reason then it is healthier to cook at home then order out.  The amount of red wine you drink should be a "no-brainer" just like any other alcoholic beverage, things should be taken in moderation and if you don't know your limits it is probably best to stay away from it for your safety in my opinion.  The expense, that could be a pro or con depending on how many people who feed, how well you do grocery shopping and if you choose to eat a variety of different foods (which I hope you do) and how often you need to shop. The amount of fats you consume, this can be tweaked if you know what oils to use, when you use them and how to substitute different oils for different meals, it could be a con for those who may not know what oils should be used and when.. something new for people to learn.  

I am lactose intolerant so not having much dairy won't make me cry but I do like some products and again this is something you should tweak as well because to totally eliminate dairy wouldn't be the smartest unless you know what you are doing or take supplements for it and eating too much dairy isn't good for you either, so again this all belongs to moderation.  This diet practically cuts dairy out almost but doesn't take it away, so technically if someone wanted to they could just better manage their dairy intake and find other ways to get their calcium.  Overall, I don't hate this diet, I just hate that this has to be called a diet because honestly, if we eliminated this being called a diet, then it would be just be an everyday thing.  I love how it can be done for the long term because many diets fail in that category, I think this diet should be a goal for the majority of Americans. I would recommend it if I was one to recommend diets and I am happy someone brought this to my attention so I could share this with all of you! 


FitnessBlogger, xoxo




Published by Shay-Lon Moss