Eric Lefkofsky is an outgoing person. The Groupon Chief executive officer starts his day at around 5 A.M. He maintains work mode even when at home and over the weekends to keep in touch with activities taking place in the 48 countries that the company covers. Groupon has employed over 11,000 employees in the outlets, and the CEO has to keep an eye on them.

Lefkofsky revealed that he enjoys running one company unlike when he used to manage around 60 firms at a go. He can focus on making the entity one of the most significant e-commerce firms in the world. The entrepreneur mentioned that he became fascinated with money while he was young. He explains that profits are used to measure a company wealth. Cash is essential when running any enterprise. The money focus changes as the business grows. Eric is currently interested in building ventures or aid in coming up with projects that will bring changes to the world.

Eric recalls how he made a bunch of money with his first establishment, InnerWorkings. He used the cash to buy shares from NetJets. The experience was life-changing as he flew private in his first trip.

Eric is a private person and keeps his personal life away from the press. However, it gets impossible to keep Groupon from the media since it is a public entity. Eric and Brad Keywell are not only business partners but also great friends. They live in the same neighborhood and hang out together.

The two used to disagree on many things twenty years ago. According to Eric, they fought because of lack of enough funds and operating in the same plant. Currently, they both hold offices in different companies and are financially stable. Keywell is at Lightbank while Eric runs Groupon.

Eric plans on taking some time off after the Groupon contract expires. After leaving Lightbank, he took a trip for two months with his family. He uses that time to think about the next move as he bonds with his loved ones.

Strongest Quality

Success always drives Eric, and he will never give up until he accomplishes his goals. He faces his problems and ensures he solves them without working himself up or getting emotional. Mr. Eric tries to remain rational and strives to do the correct thing.


Eric is a family man. He has been married for 16 years with three children. He separates his business and personal life. At home, he devotes his time to the kids and wife. Eric chooses not to respond to emails or calls related to the business at night or weekend. Balancing his time has helped him in building a happy home and a profitable entity. Every morning, the 44 year old entrepreneur must stretch or work out.


Tempus is a technology outlet in Chicago that utilizes data to aid personalized cancer care. The facility also helps in improving efficiency in managing cancer. Groupon co-founder Eric Lefkofsky leads the company.

Published by Arina Smith