MissionShoe has been creating amazingly high quality footwear design specifically for Mormon missionaries for nearly a decade. During that time they’ve taken every opportunity to understand more thoroughly the specific demands LDS missionaries need from their shoes. When considering what brand of shoes to purchase for your missionary, you need to consider the following list:

Waterproof & Polishable

As a missionary, your Elder is a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. As such, it’s important to teach them to care for their shoes properly. Purchase only shoes that can be cleaned and polished. This of course important to keep them looking nice however, polishable materials like MissionShoe’s Brazilian leather shoes are more capable of resisting damage from dirt and dust. Polishing shoes keeps a nice protective layer on your footwear.

Also, get shoes that are waterproof. Missionaries even in car areas often travel by foot a good amount. There’s no telling what the weather is going to be like and your missionary needs to have the confidence that they can “go where they need [them] to go” wherever that may be. Nothing will ruin your day like soggy feet!


MissionShoe is proudly one of the absolute lightest shoes in the missionary footwear market. This is important because a full day of walking with even slightly heavier shoes can make a huge difference! Lighter shoes means less resistance on your Elder’s joints.


Looks are important but be sure to only buy shoes that are comfortable. Pain caused by footwear can be an indication they aren’t great quality or they are simply not right for the user’s feet. Spending a lot of time walking and on your feet like missionaries often are will probably inevitably cause their feet to hurt. However, the more comfortable shoes you can find, the better.

MissionShoe’s sole is made from a unique sponge rubber making it some of the most comfortable pair of shoes in the men’s dress shoe realm.


Your Elder needs to be focused on serving the Lord and the people around him. Buying more durable shoes will help make sure that he can focus on what matters most and be able to worry less about the status of his shoes.

MissionShoe is proudly one of the most rugged and durable shoes you could ever think of wearing with a pair of dress slacks.

Good luck and choose wisely!


Published by scott jack