This week Forbes had come out with the annual list of the highest paid users on YouTube. This is generally believed to be a list of a prodigious sampling of channels, along with the individuals associated with them who are making a huge amount of money doing some impressive things.

Starting from the process of playing video games to the process of pulling pranks, to the bunch of bros who have been performing next to a guy in a panda costume. Seriously while combining all these top tiers earners pulled in $127 million from June 2016 to June 2017.

And according to Forbes the income of all these earners, is believed to be stunning up with 80 percent when compared to last year. They have attributed to the organic rise when compared to the base subscribers increasing sophistication in a way that YouTube has been marketing itself.

Though all are remarkable in their own right, even watching someone else playing a video game while delivering a running comment is never your thing. But today we do have someone who is on the top of the list and stands out from the crowd of almost 20 men. 

Yes, you read it right. Six years old Rayan of the most popular channel Rayan Toys Review has generated somewhere around 11$ million last year that put him on a tie in the eight place. During that entire one year Rayan videos, that were posted and shared by his parents racked over more than 8 million views. His channel was relatively unknown unless and until one of the videos in 2015 went viral. 

GIANT EGG SURPRISE OPENING” today features the 4-year-old Ryan opening and review a box that is containing more than 100 toys from the Pixar movie “Cars.” This entire video that was launched by Ryan, turned and made him into a multi-millionaire before starting with the grade school and has amassed over 800 million views.

Today Ryan is the face of a growing empire generating more than tens of millions annually, that is not just for himself but even for the various toy companies who are sending him their toy products for a review.

He might seem to be bigger than “The Tonight Show,” but what’s makes it really very crazy is that how fast it can actually turn out to disappear.

According to Ryan’s mom, he’s 100 percent in control. She said he will continue to make videos on upcoming movies  as long as Ryan enjoys making them and it doesn’t disrupt his daily routine.

But, she told The Verge, “the moment he’s not having fun anymore, that’s when it will be time to stop.

Published by Kash Pals