What greeted us as our first lunch in Cebu? Well, this very happy pig who seems to be gleefully strolling down the block. And it seems to be spreading happiness to its customers around this metro. Me included:)

Now for the main event: THE LECHON. To be honest, I don’t eat lechon much. Everytime there is a gathering, I would usually skip it. I’m just not a fan. But I knew I had to try lechon in Cebu. It was a must. And I’m glad I obligated myself to eat this. It was GOOD. The pork was very tender. It didn’t need any sauce as it was very flavorful with all the infused veggies inside. And the skin…OH MY. It was crispy and good. Just looking at the photo above makes me want to pack my bag and eat another round. It was really good. And I couldn’t help myself in taking more photos. It was so beautiful.😛

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