Dear Reader,

Do you ever hear the myths of online dating? Perhaps you've dated online yourself. Do long-distance relationships actually work? Can you fall in love with someone you've never even met? Can you meet the love of your life before you're an adult?

These are all questions I found myself asking as well. The answer is yours to choose, but here is my story with meeting him...

I had just moved back to the United States, and I was coming from a top private school, and moved into ninth grade at an all American public high school. Obviously, it didn't go well... So I happened to make a friend, and we will call him Kev. Through Kev, I made a new best-friend who went to another high school nearby. We will call him George. So George and I became super close, and he asked for my online information. Well, since I only had two friends, I gave it to him.

We instantly connected and he asked me if I would play an online game with him, and his friend... Except he had never met this friend, and being naive at the time, I said sure. This boy is added to our online chat, and he has a very deep voice... Almost instantly I fell in love with the voice; as soon as I realized I loved the way his voice sounded, I said, "I bet you have brown hair and green eyes."

"Wow, you must be a wizard." was his response. I giggled, then I played my first game with him. Over time, my crush for him grew bigger and it seemed he kept pushing me away. I learned about his old ex-girlfriend and how he wasn't interested in any girl. This to me always brought me anger, but I continued to play more games with him. Eventually, after about six months of knowing him, I told him, that I liked him. He told me that I should take a cold shower.

Being able to tell him, I was able to slowly forget about him. I ended up playing games with other friends like George, Kev, and another guy. I eventually fell out of contact with Stephen. Though he ended up calling me about six months later on the phone, questioning depression. Being the girl who would always listen to him, even it it hurt my feelings, I stayed. Then the next month he finally admitted he liked me too.

How could we possibly be together when we lived states away? So, we decided that we would date when we turned 18, but over time he started calling me his girlfriend, and we spent ore and more time talking online.

I remember we sat there and he told me how depressed he was, and I tried to cheer him up the best I could for being so far away, all that counted in those moments were my words. Then he told me that he was going to runaway.

"Please don't runaway!" I had begged him, "We'll find something else." and then that is when the year process of figuring out how he was going to come to me. Out of what felt like nowhere, the tickets had been purchased, and he was set to come out on May 12, 2015.

I remember the day so clearly. I had gone to school, and all of my friends knew he was coming. "You've never met him?" I shook my head nervously. "How do you know you love him then?"

As school ended, he was in the front waiting for me, and I ran and gave him a hug. I couldn't even look at his face for a full two days. I had my first kiss two days later. I had my first date at a Boba resturant. Now, we've been dating for just over two years, and we are going to college together starting in January.

We want to get married someday.

I fell in love with the man of my dreams, online, not knowing him. I fell in love before I became an adult. We have all the odds against us, and yet we are still growing together.

Do you believe in true love?

Published by Ashley Chapman