Up and running is episode two of the pretty well-known visual novel, Dream Daddy. Up in time again, can you believe it?

First off to everyone near the oncoming hurricane in America, please try and stay safe. I don’t know much about them, but I’d suggest staying out of the hurricane’s path as much as possible. Remember, electronics and homes can be rebuilt but lives can’t. If you know you need to escape, slam your laptop shut, grab your pets and jump into the car to get somewhere safe until the hurricane passes. Rather safe than sorry was invented for a reason.

With that said, welcome to the second episode; Meeting The Other Daddies. For those of you that read/watched the previous episode, will have met the first three daddies, Mat, Brian and Joseph. Just a side note for those who have been wondering how long it takes me to upload these videos and get them onto the necessary sites, at least six to eight hours, so no one can’t say that I don’t put effort into my videos.

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