For a lot of us, working out is not the easiest of tasks. Let's face it. As young adults, we have HECTIC lives. Taking some time for yourself and your body, is not always front and centre of mind. That is why, it is more important to make exercise a priority. For me, working out is not just about the results, it is about the process. The journey I take to get there. I have been pseudo-athletic for most of my life: high school soccer, field hockey, track, cross country. However, keeping with a routine regiment is a task that is at best, quite daunting. I mean, I am a teacher. There are lesson plans, and plans for lesson plans that need to be done. And then there is just life in between.

I find my salvation really in a good motivating workout playlist. And this week, Meghan Trainor did that for me. I LOVE this woman. Her songs are sassy and full of a variety of rhythms, and her voice? Her voice is just boom. Magic. So, when I tapped her into my workout playlist, my motivation went through the roof. I am now revving my uphill treadmill and pumping weights listening to Mr. Almost, and Woman Up and Credit. Trainor does a fantastic job of marrying clever lyrics with really well-though-out music. There are beats to keep your body bouncing and your mind working, that not a lot of artists can lay claim to. Workouts are simply fun now. The process is about me feeling good about myself and my new personal bests. I am not watching the clock as I labour on the treadmill, or do 60 reps of 10lbs. No. Now I am dancing to Trainor's sass as I ENJOY giving my body what it needs to feel energized and ready for more.

So, Meghan Trainor, you do more than drop a good track. Thank you. 


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Published by Bianca D.