Hello friends! It feels like a lifetime since my last WUW post! I have finally finished The Unexpected Everything! So long reading slump! *waves hand*

I decided to make this post and every WUW post as brief as possible! So let's not dally and get started!

Just finished:


I loved it!!! The story, the characters, and other stuff are incredible!!! *flails hands* Book review will be up tomorrow!

Up next:


This is sent to me by the author! It's a collection of poetry and prose, and it sounds so interesting! Actually, the first few paragraphs are already captivating! If you want to check out some excerpts, click here. Here's a sneak peak as well!

Every story is ephemeral.

We get whisked to a fantasy where illusions are sewn seamlessly, integrating itself to our willing disposition. We become our own best liars when we crave for the truth, succumbing ourselves to fairytales when we know pixie dusts aren’t real.

It became real then – the illusion – and then the fear settles in. The fear of waking up from this magical dream and realizing you were right to make walls out of diamonds around your heart. The fear of being ripped away from everything you’ve ever known.

You stop to comprehend your decisions but when you start to lose faith in magic, all the cracks start to show and the fantasy starts to crumble. The curtain rises. This is the fall – the collapse of perfect puzzle pieces into nothing that no longer makes sense. Your eyes free themselves from the mist that faked perfection and you come to terms with the fact that happiness is fleeting, filled with flaws – fragmented bliss.

That's it for this week! What are you currently reading?

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