Melbourne, which is one of the most visited cities in Australia, is not cheap. I am grateful to all the wonderful people I have met and who have been so kind to me during my stay in this wonderful city.

Here is a set of TRIP TIPS for all of you!

1. Trams in Melbourne CBD are free of charge. You can have unlimited tram travel for as long as it´s within the business district. This is one of Melbourne´s cool  facts that other larger cities like Sydney or Hong Kong don’t have.


2. Dress up flexibly during Spring or Fall because temperature can vary from 6 to 27 degrees.

3. Federation Square is one of the most famous buildings in Melbourne just across Flinders station. There you can get lots of free brochures on the different available tours  of alleyways in the city and also of the nearby towns. There are also volunteers that you can ask about any other information you need during your stay. Just nearby is ACMI (Australian Center for Moving Image) where you can watch Australia’s rich collection of films and some exhibits for free.

4. Australia is said to be the THIRD most expensive country in the world. If you are travelling on a budget, Queen Victoria Market is where you should go to find cheap food,  fresh fruits and vegetables, clothes, souvenirs, etc.


5. There is a tourist bus that covers many of the tourist spots. See the city’s sights at your own pace aboard the Melbourne Visitor Shuttle for just $10 and you can hop on and hop off at 13 stops over two days. You can find one of the main stops in Federation square. Ride a bike if you can!


 6. Tours to the outskirts of Melbourne such as the Great Ocean Road can cost 85 to 99 AUD. To save cost and avoid crowded tour groups, find travel buddies with whom you can share a day trip by renting a car instead and divide the 50 AUD car rental into two or three. Much cheaper and more enjoyable!


7. Coffee from convenient stores only costs 1 AUD and the taste is just as good as the ones in cafes which cost 3.50 AUD. Yummy especially during cold weather especially for a tropical girl like me. =)

1 dollar coffee

8. When flying out of Melbourne and you need to go to Tullamarine International Aiport, take this route instead to avoid paying 18 AUD through skybus. It will only cost around 6 dollars! Use this website to find your way across the area. 


*** Walk out of the station and wait outside for bus 901 going to the Airport.

9. Fruits and vegetables and other products are definitely a lot cheaper in supermarkets (like Queen Victoria Market) than in food stalls or convenient stores.

10. In Abbotsford, St. Kilda and Preston, there is a restaurant called Lentil as Anything that serves very delicious vegetarian dishes. It´s a not-for-profit, multicultural, vegetarian catering service where you can have a sumptuous meal and pay as you feel. Don´t forget to visit this restaurant! Check out their website and see what I am talking about


11. Melbourne is all about ARTS. No wonder that some of the best artists come from Australia. Theater, film, comedy, dance, music festivals and a lot more are happening around Melbourne every now and then. If you’re not the type who will pay to watch a show, you’ll still enjoy performers who bring their art in the streets. You can either just watch or donate a few dollars like I did with this musician. I shook his cold hands. I was not sure if he was nervous about performing or it was just the cold weather. Maybe both. Anyway, his music was amazing. =)



12. If you’re lucky, you might catch some artists working on a graffiti. Melbourne is known for having the best of these!


13. Australia is one of the countries where you can best enjoy the outdoors. Spending tons of relaxing hours in Melbourne’s gardens all for FREE  is one of the best things the city of Melbourne can offer.


14. And lastly, if you need to connect to WIFI, get warm and get it free inside the libraries or museums! Just don’t forget to look up and take advantage of the books and the exhibits of course.

There you have it! I hope you find it useful. Happy travels to everyone!

Published by Lot Ramirez