Wave good-bye to bikini bottoms and suave dress sense.  Say hello to rounded bellies and cherry-coloured cheeks.  Autumn has arrived.

I love watching people and their reactions to mundane life.  Kind of a fly-on-the-wall outlook to life I guess.  But, as a writer, essential for nailing those elusive characters that want to grace my novel with their presence.  Today, whilst walking my dog, Henry, I noticed that I was the only person wearing my winter coat and scarf.  Yes, I acknowledge the fact that it is not the middle of winter and the sun still has a balmy warmth to it. For me, the hint of a slight unfriendly breeze has me running for the duvet!  My intrepid neighbours were parading in the short sleeves and some were still sporting shorts whilst walking their dogs through wet, cold grass.  I stood there, mesmerized by their audacity.  Did no-one inform them it was autumn? Am I the only one increasing the heating bill already and scoffing copious amounts of food to line my edges ready for the big chill?

The sneaky looks and sniggers I received by my dress sense had me feeling that I had awoken in the wrong season.  Am I the crazy one dressing in my winter warmers for my dog walks in the morning when I know it's going to be chilly and soggy?  Would Wellington boots be too much?  I'll leave those for when those lovely storms arrive later in the year. Their snarky comments about the weather being warm and their lingering gazes at my weather proof were sufficient evidence that I was the one out of balance. To the lady wearing the strappy top with skinny shorts, I say you are a brave soul.  The goosebumps on your forearms were a great accompaniment to your red nose.

What does one wear in this unusual weather.  Have we entered a new era of dress sense where we have to adopt the New Zealand ideals of dressing for every weather pattern within a day?  From what I can see, I think it might just be a requirement.  Right now, as I type this, it looks as if I was the batty one this morning.  The sun is melting the road outside into a heat haze and the pigeons are doing tangos on the grass across the road.  A woman has just walked by with a light jacket on and soft blouse which tells me it's lovely and warm outside.  With only a few minutes left to the daily school run, I'm wondering what on earth to wear to stand in a breezy school yard: coat and scarf or jumper? Did I mention how long it takes for me to warm up once I'm cold?  In case you're wondering - hours! 

To end this melodrama, I shall challenge all of you to send in your opinions on the best style for a warmer than normal October.  End my torture and please offer advice on how to keep warm without looking like I belong in the Arctic.

I await your advice.


Published by Eloise De Sousa