Hi everyone!
Wish you all a happy FRIENDSHIP day!

I didn't plan to blog today because I have my internal exams coming up this week. But I wanted to do my part in wishing and sharing my thoughts.
           I have had and have many friends. Good friends, bad friends, church friends, neighbors and hi!, bye! friends, etc., We all do have such kind of friends. They all played an important role in my life. Not to mention, some were so loving and encouraging, been with me no matter what came. Some discarded, spoke harsh words against me. To some, I feared so much that I didn't move from my bench. Nevertheless, I forgive them and still long to be friends with them.

When I was a kid and as I was growing up, I didn't know the importance of friendship. I was so stupid. For me, everything was a fairy-tale. I also have wounded some of my friends whom I really love. We are humans. We make mistakes. And I am feeling sorry for everything that happened in my childhood. But we are still friends even after moving to different colleges and places and we still have lil' chats.  After growing up and acquainting new friends, life has taught me what the friendship world needs from me. 

Everyone wants to be loved, to be cared, to cherish them and encourage them. Friends play a significant role in doing so. You just have to be truthful to them. Be you. Don't fear for  your friendship because ultimately, you will lose that precious friend.

In Bible, there is a friendship story that excites me the most. Its about David and Jonathan. They were close friends, loyal and loved each other as themselves. God wants us to have friends. Also, one more person who is so concerned about us, calls us "Friends". He is Jesus. He is my best and closest friend. I share everything with Him because I can't hide anything from Him(guilty). He is our good friend. I have lost some my friends but God was there, holding me. And I am grateful for that.

So what I want to convey is:

Love God. Love your friends. Be you. Make memories. Cherish them. Encourage them. Stay on your track. Be happy :)

Enjoy this friendship day  with love, happiness, gratefulness and thankfulness. 

Toodles! xoxo
With much love,


_______~*^~*^~*^~*^ HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY ^*~^*~^*~^*~_______