In a life full of uncertainties, unknowns, temporary elements and unsure factors, we all are unaware about the course ahead. As passing time plays its game in the form of past, present and future, we can never expect monotonous journey with predetermined halts. Changing years bring lot of varieties in our life that cannot be predicted ahead of time. Though uncertainties seem to be difficult aspects in our living, they offer colorful experiences along the way. As we walk along this path with unknowns, we enjoy the process as it proceeds. Along the course, we meet several people forming long lasting bonds. Though we cannot retain the good, old times, we can definitely preserve these moments in the form of memories.

    Whether we talk about our childhood filled with wonderful experiences in school and neighborhood or whether we dream about the carefree days of our teenage, every phase in life has common elements of memories. Memories are the only things that last for a lifetime, as we collect several valuable treasures along the way. We may never be able to relive our school life once again, yet we can always welcome it in the form of amazing memories. When we travel to places far and wide, we gather several memories in the process. Though our trip may last for a few days within our busy schedule, the memories last forever.

    Collecting memories is the most essential aspect that each one of us must engage in our lives. No matter how many assets we purchase in our lifetime or how many people we meet and greet, memories are the only elements that shall stay with us. Memories can project your lives in front of you with all the colorful incidences from the past. They offer sense of satisfaction as we look at the wonderful times in the yesteryears. Though memories remind us about the magic of our good, old times; some disturbing memories may even trouble us ahead. During times like these, it is important to remember that the role of memories is to remind us about the good, while learning from the bad. Dark memories teach us about our wrong deeds, prompting us to stay away from them.

      We all encounter difficulties on our way. Often our days are filled with boredom, anger, troubles or worries, as we look at life with displeasure. Though these challenges may seem impossible, demotivating us in our path; they pass at their own pace. Few years down the line when we think about the route, all we can remember is happy moments. Suddenly, all the troubles appear insignificant as we smile over our memories with a happy heart.

   As an exercise, imagine it yourself.

When you think about your school today, what do you see?

Do you think about the load of boring homework or happy times spent with your friends?

Do you think about the strict deadlines of studies or do you think about the wonderful time with teachers and classmates?

When you think about your college life, what do you remember?

Do you remember the pressures of finding work ahead or do you think of the wonderful plans made with your friends about the future?

These simple, yet real questions will encourage you to look at the happy side of your lives before. It reminds us about the fact that memories form a wonderful part, no matter where we go or what we do.

 Besides coloring our life with beautiful reminders of the past, how do memories help us ahead?


  • Memories represent joy and satisfaction: As memories project our precious moments from the past, they offer joy and happiness. They remind us of our previous achievements, while encouraging us to work ahead for the future.
  • Memories teach us: Memories offer us lessons of encouragement. They force us to think about difficulties of the past, not with a motive to discourage but to remind us about our abilities to transform bad into good
  • Memories bring energy and enthusiasm: When we think about the good, old times; memories fill our lives with energy. It inspires us to continue the journey with such beautiful moments in the future.
  • Memories color our social lives: These reminders of our past provide us ideas to connect in a social group. They form excellent bed-time stories for our kids and grandkids. As we talk about our memories of a trip or an interesting adventure, we can connect with our family and friends.
  • Memories can never change: In an uncertain life, where our tomorrow seems unpredictable, memories are only elements that do not change. They stay with us right till the end, reminding us of the wonderful times. Though uncertain situations may change our people, location, work or lifestyle, memories cannot change in any manner.
  • Memories represent our ‘true’ treasure: Assets, money, wealth, fame, position are temporary elements that form our treasure, but memories are the real pieces of wealth. They determine how rich we are in terms of living our life to the fullest. As they mirror our experiences, moments, activities and adventures, they represent our happiness in every way.


   All these factors make it essential to gather wonderful memories on the way. As they are your long-lasting source of happiness, engage and invest in the process.

Enjoy life, make memories, live to the fullest and seek happiness – as memories are the only things that will last! 

Published by Lavanya