Wait, aren’t women the ones who experience hormonal cycles? Well, their cycle is completely different from a man’s, and this is something that shows clearly. Men do not experience menstruation or anything remotely similar, and they don’t experience major mood swings either. So, how can we possibly talk about men’s hormonal cycles?

Well, testosterone levels increase and decrease throughout the day, so it is a 24-hour cycle. Your basal testosterone level depends on you, your genetics, diet, and physical condition. It may also change according to the seasons. During summer, you can experience a higher level and during winter and spring testosterone levels drop a little bit. And finally, your testosterone levels are higher in the morning and early during the night. Make sure you try to understand the changes in levels.

So, if you’ve ever wondered why you wake up feeling hard, that’s one of the reasons: your morning testosterone is saying hi. Regular sexual activity also increases your testosterone levels, improves your libido, and has great effects for your heart and brain.

Changes in Testosterone Levels are Variable

However, the fluctuations in your testosterone levels are variable depending on too many things on your daily schedule, including your exercise routine. So, it is a good idea not to wait too late at night if you want to play. It is better to do it a bit sooner when it is dark but not near midnight. If you feel like having a morning session, that’s great as well, as long as you don’t have to be at work early that morning. You just have to manage your timings appropriately.

As I said, your hormonal cycles change according to your own behavior. That’s why you should look for the most appropriate timing for sex in your particular case. It is not an “all-or-nothing” approach. It does not mean you can’t have good sex outside these magic hours, but when testosterone is high, your sexual drive increases, your mood lifts up, and you’re less likely to feel tired after a few minutes. Hence, that’s why I would like to emphasize on this point, you need to ensure that you follow a pattern, or a routine. Try to have control over yourself and understand the magic hours. If done right, those hours could actually transform your experience during sexual intercourse.

Emotional Changes in Men

Who says mood swings occur in women only? Yes, similar to women experiencing a nasty mood during their period, men would also feel emotionally different if their testosterone levels drop. However, too much of a good thing is not always a good thing. Men with very high testosterone levels tend to have disordered sexual behavior, they tend to cheat more often, and they’re less likely to get married because their relationships are usually not very stable. This ends up pushing them towards the desire to have more than one sexual partner, and this in return may pose to be harmful for men.

Understand How Your Testosterone Levels Work

In summary, remember how your testosterone levels work. You will have a higher level in the morning and early at night, even higher if you’re around summertime. However, it depends on your daily habits, your diet, and workout. Keep in mind your sexual performance is likely to be improved when your testosterone levels are higher. So, even if you don’t need a calendar like girls, it would be great to pay attention to your testosterone cycle if you want to know what the best moment to please your girl is.

Hormonal cycle in men is an important phenomenon as well and one not every man should ignore. In case you feel yours sexual urges are going out of hand, it is advisable that you seek the help of a professional doctor, a specialist who can help you and advise you on the best approach to manage this phase.

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Published by Jack Louis