Every month call that every woman has to attend is none other than a menstrual cycle. Many of the problems are faced by the women before periods and after periods. Age, physical condition or medical record doesn’t matter at all. Menstrual cramps are treated with the help of marijuana from the past years. Many of the symptoms also called PMS premenstrual syndrome are treated well with this medical marijuana.

 One can easily prepare the cannabis oil at home with all parts of the plant like roots, leaves, stems, and buds. FECO that is full extract cannabis oil can be prepared by one at home. And it’s very simple to have it at your home. Dry cannabis is used for preparing feco. Dry cannabis is crushed or grinds in the mixer and then the alcohol is added to it. Leave it for 3-4 weeks in a dark and dry place in a jar.

What are premenstrual syndromes, which every woman has to face? These are some of the symptoms like:
•    Cramps
•    Bloating
•    Mood swing
•    Tiredness
•    Breast pain

 Menstrual Pain:
In luteal phase 84% women suffer from these symptoms. And to relieve these symptoms that are mainly caused by hormonal imbalance, marijuana worked well from the past years. Medicinal properties of cannabinoid are helpful in relive from pain. For Queen Victoria doctors prescribed this cannabis for menstrual pain.

Abdominal Cramps:
 Anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic effects of cannabis help in relieving the abdominal cramps that are caused by the contraction of the uterus. Not only this, people had given positive response after using cannabis for nausea and digestive disorders.

Breast Pain:
 By the increase of progesterone women suffer from breast pain and hypersensitivity. That in turns causes the inflammation of the milk duct. Anti-inflammatory properties of marijuana help in this case.

A Migraine and Headaches:
 Many times it is seen that women have the relation of a migraine and menstrual cycle. This pain starts with less and then reaches to its intensity. If one is having cannabis to treat a migraine then smoking is totally avoided.

 During premenstrual and menstrual phase women suffers from insomnia sometimes. Sedative and narcotic properties of cannabis help one to have a good sleep and relives from insomnia. THC and CBD have shown good results in treating insomnia.

Mood Swing:
 There is a fluctuation in the production of the hormones that are responsible for the mood swing. Women face the emotional roller coaster due to this hormonal imbalance. Because of the anti-depressive property of the cannabis, it helps in this kind of emotional imbalance during the menstrual cycle.

 Estrogen is most important in menstrual cycle; if one is cannabis smoker then the effect of cannabis on periods will be milder. Estrogen level decreases during the period. More the level of estrogen then your body will absorb compounds like THC. A small amount of weed can be taken to increase the level of estrogen and also defend you from the symptoms that are common in the menstrual cycle.

Published by Mudassar Ali