Mental Health Setback A couple of months ago I had a wobbly moment and had to cut away from blogging for a bit. My bipolar started playing up to a point where I couldn't control it anymore and that was probably due to stress and trying to quit smoking. I am back smoking which sucks, but I need to deal with one battle at a time at the moment. Two weeks ago I had a psychiatric assessment and was put on antipsychotic pills. These are currently low dose at the moment but are to be bumped up soon. I've taken up to writing how I feel in a journal every day, as requested by my doctor which isn't really helping but I think its for them to keep tracks on how I am doing. Which is fine. This however has encouraged me to get a bullet journal for this blog though which I hope will encourage me to blog better content for you guys. Basically, sorry I went quiet for a while. I'm still here, I just am going through a little set back at the moment and normal programming will come back soon.

Published by Tyler Austen