Mer-Charmer by Amy Bearce

Book 2 in the World of Aluvia series

Published: May 9th 2016 by Curiosity Quills Press

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Goodreads Summary:

Fourteen-year-old Phoebe Quinn is surrounded by magic, but she can’t muster any of her own. Her sister is a fairy keeper. Her best friends are merfolk. And all she does is dishes and housework.

When Phoebe finds out a terrible sea creature is awakening that preys upon the peace-loving merfolk, she becomes determined to help them, even though it means going with Tristan and Mina to their home deep in the sea.

Beneath the waves, Phoebe learns she’s more like her sister than she realized. The merfolk are drawn to her, and she can sense the magic of the sea all around her. Magic is finally at her fingertips, but that’s precisely why the stirring dark power under the waters decides it wants her most of all.

Now she must not only help the peaceful merfolk escape this ancient enemy, she must master her out-of-control powers. If she fails, she will die and darkness will rise and enslave the merfolk once more. But embracing her full power could cost her the very people she loves the most.

“He held one of her hands; Mina held the other. And they pulled her deeper into the sea, where she’d always longed to go; no matter how many told her she couldn’t.”

This was my August’s Lit-Cube book, and I really enjoyed it, they always pick out great books (at least so far)! They gave us the first book as an ebook for free, so I read that one first (check out my Fairy Keeper review!). Bearce said you can read each book as a standalone or in order, and that is pretty much true. The second book took place 4 years after the first, and really only a situation in the first book had influence for the second.

“So much for keeping things from her sister. Her pathetic attempt at hiding the truth was like a giant rope coming completely unwoven, each strand blowing loose and open in the wind for all to see.”

Plot wise this book was very similar to the first, with the main difference being the adventure was in the ocean instead of on land. Sierra and her two friends go off to find the fairies in the first book, and in the second Phoebe and her two friends go off to try to save the mermaids from an ancient enemy. Sierra struggled with her romantic notions towards Micah, and Phoebe struggled with her romantic notions towards Tristan. I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Although, I do have to say that I enjoyed this book more than the first one. I think I just like mermaids and the ocean more so than fairies. =)

“But some things mattered more than her own happiness. The protection of the merfolk was one of them.”

What I enjoyed most about this book, is the personal journey that Phoebe went on. Phoebe started off being held back by the events of the past, and having a hard time letting all of it go. By the end of her journey, Phoebe was finally able to let it go and become a strong individual. She sacrificed so much in the end, and I don’t think even Sierra understands the lengths Phoebe went through to save the merfolk and herself.

“Through Tristan’s magic, she still breathed, though she wasn’t quite sure why she’d want to. She’d given up everything she loved. The merfolk had no reason to love her, a human, now that their magical link was destroyed.”

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It moved a little bit slow in the beginning, but definitely picked up speed the last half of the book. If you love a good fantasy centered around mermaids, then you’ll enjoy this book!


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