This short post is a piece by me to say happy Christmas to all the readers of the ATA series so far.

When My Trending Stories asked me to become a contributor for the website, I was chuffed. I was excited, and optimistic. I got the message from them in my History seminar in University, and I am happy to say that I am loving being a part of this great website, with other great contributors. I aim to bring great content to this website, and to provide posts that will give insight into things you may not think or worry about.

With 2016 coming to an end, I must say that I've made a great start here. My ATA series has been successful, but I don't just want to do that. I want to bring the posts I wrote on If you Ask me (My own original blog) to a wider audience. That's not to say I will just be reposting day old posts on here as a second hand thing. I want to do some new stuff. There are many Ifyame posts that I think will be great for MTS, and I would love to add to my repertoire of original content for the website.

ATA will continue, maybe less frequently, but I think you'd like to read new stuff. I certainly get a thrill out of sharing new ideas on here. Merry Christmas, guys.

Published by Ben Attwood