Hey all. This is my first post here! Hope you all like it. 

“Life has been a bastard. I can’t believe what it gave me, made me happy about it, made me feel good, happy & content. It took it all away from me like a tornado destroying the village.”

How many times did we stitched ourselves back?
They gave us stains. They gave us scars. What did we give them?
Right to hurt us? 
We didn’t talk about our feelings, our real self. We completely shut ourselves down. Pushed people away. We refused to open up. We got into wrong things. Let negative people in. We hurt ourselves. We got engaged in wrong doings. We got drunk. We hooked up. We cried. We regretted. We were almost on the verge of destruction.

But then suddenly, we saw a sudden shimmer of light again. It might have took a while. But….
We developed ourselves from the hardest of times. Only we know how much courage it took us to leave behind things & make a new start.
Times when we realized we were doing it wrong. When we actually realize our identity.
You know its upto us. Its totally upto us how not to lose our real self.

At some point of time, we have to stop being so sad, angry & stop killing ourselves.

We let things go. We start being gentle with ourselves. We don’t waste our time being unhappy on trivial things.
We grow apart from insignificant people, relationships. We understand when someone does not affect us positively. We don’t hinder our growth. We might have had a strange experience. But we knew, we had emptied that space for better things yet to come.
Maybe in this process, something was stopping us. Isn’t it?
But we didn’t look back. We didn’t expect them to look back to us. We ran, ran, ran & ran. And finally delved into future.
And maybe, we finally realized, that our happy ending doesn’t need a person or a commodity, a materialistic thing or whatever it is. But, our own happiness. We start freeing our self from the past. And it doesn’t hurt anymore.
We start to set ourselves for something better in future. Set goals. Aspire high. Work smart. Be happy. We do what makes us happy.
And maybe, our happy ending is just moving on! Isn’t it?
“Life is still beautiful.”

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for the next posts. 

Published by Stuti Pandey