Undoubtedly, Mexico is a creative destination. Artistic geniuses here feature graceful representation. From ancient sculptures to diverse handicrafts, their cutting-edge experiments and eye for color make the Mexican land a great world of art. It’s a land that has given the entire world the greatest gift of artwork.

Are you here for a joyful inventive inspiration? Do you dream to return to your native land with a masterpiece that needs no definition? If yes, then Mexico wears several hats and lets you eyewitness vivid range of artesanías. Let’s understand which are the best handicrafts the city can offer:

Alebrijes in Vibrant Colors: Alebrijes are fantastic creatures painted in incredible designs and exceptional colors. Carved out of copal wood, these adorable monsters are definitely one-of-a-kind sculptures. How these strange creatures came into being? Well, Pedro Linares López had a weird dream where he imagined a forest inhabited with strange animals, clouds and rocks. He worked wholeheartedly to design these surreal monsters. These decorated handicrafts can be found in the state of Oaxaca. Upkeeping the heritage, creation of Alebrijes is a favorite subject of this small settlement.

Color Rich Huipiles, Sarapes, Rebozos and Tapetes: Found in Estado de México, Oaxaca and Coahuila, the handcrafted textiles in Mexico catches the eye of all craftsperson. Tapetes are essentially good quality rugs adorned with rich colors and intricate diamond patterns. These are dyed with natural cochineal and indigo. A favorite of all women, Huipiles are traditional tunics that are beautifully decorated with colored embroidery. Rebozo is a flexible item and it’s made with quality natural fibers. Usually used by a mother to carry her baby over her shoulders, these are elaborated with fabulous ikat pattern. Replicating a Mexican blanket, a sarape is used by Mexico’s indigenous women across their shoulder. Designed with Mayan patterns and featuring bold color stripes, they look pretty as picture.

Mascaras Integrating Catholic Symbols: Mask-making is a tradition in Mexico and has been continuing for several years. When Spaniards banned the use of masks, the Mexicans tried to invade them by making fun of them with the use of Catholic symbols comprising devils. If you dream to adorn your home’s interior, get these hand-crafted masks of demons, angels and European faces.

Talavera- Refined Earthenware of the 16th Century: During the 16th century, when a group of European craftsmen came to Puebla, they incorporated their pottery knowledge with pre-Hispanic natives in order to design a much more refined earthenware that is relatively called as Talavera. Designers make use of tin and cobalt to attain a distinct texture.

Essentially, the aforesaid are Mexico’s valuable artforms that narrate great stories of the land. Nevertheless, the list goes endless. Step into this artistic land and return with these great take-homes.

Published by Jhonson Peterson