MFryar Inovent is a leader in the fulfilment industry because it offers services that meet the latest requirements of the market. They have searched for innovative solutions on how to store, pack and deliver goods. What makes them different from other companies? They decided to store their parcels in multiple locations all over the country so the products to be quickly processed and delivered to their destination. The clients can meet the owner of the distributed warehouse that will handle their packages, and can offer them special instruction on how they want their parcel to be processed. MFryar Inovent has decided to have a personalised approach in the freight industry.

E-commerce is constantly changing and the needs of the market are evolving, so freight companies have to do their best to meet their clients’ requests. Online retailers are collaborating with fulfilment companies to deliver their products but in order to offer their clients the best services on the market they have to understand the changes the industry is facing. When one of their clients is placing an order, a challenging process begins. The retailer has to pack the products in an accurate manner and to securely send the parcel to its clients’ address. MFryar Inovent can help online retailers deliver their products fast because once they receive the order they identify the closest warehouse and assign the order to the distributed centre. On their website they state that they have hundreds of distributed warehouses spread around the country because they want to make sure that they are able to deliver the products in the shortest period of time possible.

It does not matter the size of the parcel, the warehouse owners will be able to handle the package and to respect the special requests the client has. Once the package arrives at the warehouse, the owner will unpack and inspect it to identify possible issues. They send photos of the contents to the client to inform them of the state of the goods. If the clients have special instructions on how they want the package to be processed and handled, they can inform the warehouse owner. The process is quite complex, but the distributed warehouse owners are able to complete it successfully. They receive the shipments, unpack them, inspect them, repack them, store them, and ship them to their destination. They base their operations on a state-of-art AI system that helps them stay organised and complete the process fast and efficient.

Every one of the packages is handpicked and analysed to offer the client the best services. As stated before they are using Big Data and AI to improve their performance and to boost their customer service. Their customised AI network analyses data to help them manage, integrate, maximise and automate the flow of the parcels from the moment it enters the warehouse to when it’s shipped. The best-distributed warehouse is identified with the help of AI to make sure that every package is optimally delivered. MFryar Inovent considers that initiative and creativity are vital in the fulfilment industry and they use their resources to optimise their services to meet the latest market’s needs.

Published by Cynthia Madison