Just this morning I heard that familiar tap tap tap of mouse feet running across the ceiling tiles in the basement.  When the cooler weather arrives, it seems mice make a bee line to the closest warm building, unfortunately, often that seems to me my house.

    As much as I don’t want them in my house, I really can’t blame the poor mouse.  If I was in his shoes I’m sure I would look for a warm home when it starts to get cold.  He’s just looking for a nice place to rest for the winter.

    Often we will go through similar times when we feel the environment around us is not what we want and we go looking for a place to where we can escape and get some rest.  David tells us in Psalms 37:7, “Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for him.”

    If we want a place of comfort and rest, it is in God where we will find it.  No matter what the problem in which we find ourselves, no matter how bad it seems or how much we doubt, God will accept us.  We need to realize that when we run to Him for rest and comfort, our acceptance and rest is guaranteed.

Published by Ray Richards