One of my favourite Christmas carols is one penned by Edmund Sears, ‘It Came Upon a Midnight Clear’.  Although I like the entire song my favourite verse is the third that starts “And ye, beneath life's crushing load” and ends “O rest beside the weary road, And hear the angels sing!”

    The word were written in 1849 and I’m sure there were many crushing loads the people in those days had to bear.  Today, it seems to me, that there are many more.  Being the kind of people we were, we often try to bear them ourselves and continue to pile more on as we try to better our position in this economic world.

    Sears’ advice at the end of that third verse is something we should well remember.  When we are under that crushing load, it would do us good to ‘hear the angels sing’.  An angel is a messenger from God, so when they sing, they could well be singing to us a comforting message from God, so pause and carefully listen.

    Do you find yourself under a load.  Take some time to listen to the angels’ songs.  God has a comforting word for us and He wants to hear it.

Published by Ray Richards