Have you ever felt like just packing a bag and going? Somewhere, anywhere, but where you’re at. I’m feeling it right now. I’m ready to just go and I don’t even have a destination in mind. Maybe I’ll just pack up and follow my heart. Last time I did that, I ended up in Sweet Home Alabama. OMG I loved it. The southern hospitality, the southern comfort. I loved it, but I was in love too and love f**ks everything up. Since all good things come to an end, what happens with bad things? Do they eventually turn good and work out for the better? You know how they say when you love something let it go, and if it come back blah blah blah. Well what happens if you let them go & they never go anywhere? You give them chance and after chance and they keep f**king up, but once you get to that point to where you don’t care anymore, they want to try and prove how much they’ve changed. I feel like I’m being stupid, I already know every answer to every one of my questions. Anyone that disrespects you doesn’t love you. If he’d to it to her, he’ll do it to you. Never settle for less. You’re a queen, DEMAND RESPECT. Don’t sell yourself short, blah blah bah. Do you know how hard it is to believe that stuff when it comes from someone who does you wrong or treats you like sh*t? It sucks being a woman and not loving yourself. Some people are probably thinking, “Just do it.” Yea right, easier said than done. If you only knew the only ugly pain behind this beautiful face. 

Published by ShylahBoss Lee