It is worse if you find that your WordPress hosting provider is not in your expected level. This is even worse if you are new to their service. If such a condition happens, making use of the WordPress migration services available and migrate your service is a good idea. This is the common reason for migrating your website. For the reasons like this, a number of WordPress migration services are developed. There are both premium and free migration services are available for this that makes this process easy.

Let us see about WordPress migration services, its causes and some of the migration services.

What is WordPress migration?

In general, this is the activity of migration of a WordPress install from one server to another server. It has to done without causing any problems to the functionality of the site. You can do this if you are not satisfied with your service provider or if you are not getting the right service for what you have paid or if you not get full assistance from the service provider.

Reasons for WordPress migration

There are a number of reasons for migration of the website to a new server such as,

  • The site owner wants to move to a better host provider. This means the owner may want low prices or faster loading times
  • Trying to move a local site to a live host
  • Moving a site from a subdomain to the main directory

These are some of the reasons for common WordPress migration. If you face any one of these reasons and want to move your site and it sounds complicated for you make use of WordPress migration services. You can get both free and premium best migration services for this purpose.

WordPress migration services


This is a free service for WordPress migration. This is a tool which is used for manual migration. This is a WordPress plugin that helps the user to move the site to a new host. With this, the user has to create a copy of the website and then install it somewhere. It keeps the migration process simple and makes sure that the site is copied correctly.

All-in-one WP migration

This is also a free tool or service for WP migration. In this plugin, the functionality is divided into three categories such as Export, Import, and backups. The first is used for copying the website, the next one is used for handling uploads and the third one is for safety purpose.

Premium WP migration services


This is one of the well-known migration services that offer a surplus of services includes SEO audits; security monitoring, premium plugin support etc. this service can handle migration on any scale. In addition, it offers some secondary services like web development, design, marketing and strategizing.


This is a service that helps the customers to migrate a non-WordPress site to a self-hosted WordPress site. This company moves your site within the short time without any downtime. It offers post-migration support like bug fixes. This is best for the migration of non-WordPress site to a WordPress one.


Published by Arina Smith