One evening, chatting with one of my close friends from school we agreed we were in need of a city break and what better place than one of the world’s fashion capitals – Milan. Deciding on the Halloween Bank Holiday we booked our flights and hotel there and then. Leaving from Dublin early on the Friday morning, we were settled in our hotel by late afternoon enjoying a much needed siesta. We decided on a late lunch and then headed out on the town seeing what Milan’s night life had to offer and we were not disappointed. We dined in a traditional Italian pizzeria which ended up being hilarious. The menu was in Italian and none of the waiters spoke English! We ordered our food by pointing at what we thought we would like and hoped for the best…We weren’t disappointed!

MilanWaking a little bit, shall I say groggy, from our escapades the night before we wolfed down our breakfast and began exploring. Our hotel was situated a little drive from the city centre, so we decided to walk and blow away some of the cobwebs. While walking through the streets we came across hidden gems in the form of galleries, cathedrals and cafes. When exploring a city such as Milan I would always recommend strolling around the city’s streets. Yes, there will always be the top things to do, which are easily researched, but you never know what you might find when you look a little closer.

Once we reached the city centre, we headed straight for the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II where we browsed through the mouth-watering designer shops and pieces. We stopped off for a well-earned hot chocolate at the Gucci café and I purchased a pair of Armani sunglasses. At the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II one can also take part in a well-known Milan tradition – ‘Spinning on the Bull’s Balls’ -which apparently brings the ‘spinner’ good luck.


Next stop was the breath-taking Duomo di Milano. One thing to note here is the dress code – no shorts, dresses/skirts above the knee and shoulders must be covered. There is a guided tour of the inside of the cathedral and you can also buy tickets to go up to the roof. Both are very worthwhile as you can see from the snaps.

Saturday night we ventured back to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II for dinner. We had a delicious meal however I think you pay for location here and the meal was considerably more expensive than other meals we had outside of this area. img_3327-copySunday we headed back into the city centre using the metro which is very easy to manage.Just off one of the streets leading out of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II there is more affordable high-street shops. We strolled around these, of course making the odd purchase here and there, and enjoyed the city before it was time to catch our early morning flight on the Monday.

Milan is much smaller than expected and you would definitely see everything over the course of a long weekend and you might even manage over a normal weekend.  We flew with Aer Lingus and it is roughly a two and a half hour flight which is ideal for a weekend break. All the restaurants we ate in were beautiful and we always opted for traditional Italian ones, we didn’t have one bad meal! Milan would be high on my list of recommendations for a girls weekend away.

Published by Unrivalled Chic Serena Stack