If you saw my blog post a few days ago, you know I finally hunted down a few Milani Amore Matte Lip Cremes! I picked up 3 colors: (from the left) Amore, Loved, and Precious. So let's jump right into the review of these awesome liquid lipsticks.

Scent: A relatively strong artificial vanilla cake batter-y smell. The smell won't stick to your lips or leave a taste, but you definitely smell it while applying the lipstick.

Finish: Matte; completely matte when it dries down. A slight creamy look when wet.

Color Range: In store there was a good range of nudes, pinks, purples, and reds. Online on Milani's website, there are even more colors available than I found at the display in store, but it is $1 more expensive online.

Packaging: The rectangular tube is made of a pretty durable plastic with that glass-like clink when you tap it. Their cap is Milani's classic gold, reflective finish (which does pick up fingerprints). The applicator is a thumb-tip applicator that picks up a pretty good amount of product, so you may want to skim some off before actually applying.


  • A relatively affordable price, you can find it for around $7-9 each. But since it's drugstore, you can find different deals like BOGO 50% off. 
  • Matte finish without being too drying.
  • Transfer-proof after it dries down.
  • Good range of shades for darker vampy lips or more pale nudes.


  • It does show lip imperfections like bumps or wrinkles quite obviously.
  • Some colors are not as opaque as others. You can see in the swatches that Amore, the bright red, was a bit more sheer than the 2 nude colors. Amore required more layers to achieve the opacity I wanted.
  • Not food/drink-proof. As soon as I started even eating a cracker, it started wearing off on my inner lip.
  • Not going to last you 12+ hours, if you've got a long day.

Wear Test:




5AM: Freshly applied Loved on the lips and headed off to my day.

12PM (+7 hours): After a light snack of a cracker sandwich, it started fading on the inside of my lips. Not quite enough to be super obvious in plain sight.

3PM (+10 hours): No big meal since the last check in, just a smoothie, but already the fading on the inner lip is obvious when you look. (Luckily I picked a nude color so it's not punch-you-in-the-face obvious.)

5PM (+12 hours): After a big meal of chicken and salad, the stray oil of the chicken pretty much completely took it off. I could see it coming off on my food if I ate a bit too forcefully

Overall:  4/5  The comfort and colors make up for the lack of wear time (though my wear tests are a bit extreme) for me and it's transfer proof until you break out the bread and wine.

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Published by Jia Kaffeine