Integration of Mind-Body-Spirit, not mind-less dissociation, is the realm of the truly powerful woman.

A woman's body is her space in this world, yet how many women embrace this space?

I think for too many women, the body becomes a space through which a woman lives projection and rejection and I wonder at the cost of this for a woman.

To be cut off from the physicality of her own body causes a woman to be dissociated from one of the primary means of expression and experience of life.  Dissociation from one's body often plays out as dissociation from life.

One of my goals is to change the stories so many women have been told about themselves and their truly miraculous bodies. 

To deny our bodies is to deny our source of power within this world. 

When we can engage with the power of our bodies, when we no longer fear and reject them, our mind, body and spirits can begin to work in union, rather than confusion. 

It is then that we enter the realm of the truly powerful WOMAN- embodier of the feminine energy of the world.

Published by kimberly harding