It was like watching something happen in a dream,
And you don’t know what it is.

Faces, people…
But you keep circling around them, and they you.

Then I saw, eyes.
It was man being indifferent to man,
Not indifferent— egotistical.
The same.

Yes, a strange dream.
Sleep, dream, then wake…

To what?

The dreamer awake a sleeper.
Who can say which one?
What can the dreamer say of the one, who sleep?
The one who does-not dream?
We are one.
Yet still, one can say

Are you ever
Can the dreamer,
Say what happens?

Is-no waking, dream or sleeping…
This is

Nothing happen.

How does nothing happen?
As nothing

Why does nothing happen?
It does-not.

Yes, like a dream…
A real dream.

You need not dream,
It is true.

A dream come true.

I call this, awakening.
See the sun, here

Even as
It Set.

What could be more beautiful?




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Published by Tom Lopes