Have you ever watched the amazing BBC show Sherlock? If not I would highly suggest looking it up because it is a absolutely engulfing story. It will take over your life and for nine sweet episodes you will be living with a high functioning sociopath in London, and it will be amazing. When watching Sherlock one will notice something interesting, and this thing is that Sherlock has a thing he calls a mind palace in which he can recall everything he wants to. As it turns out, this is a real thing, not just a work of fiction.


When I first found out about mind palaces I was intrigued that it was a real thing, I wanted to know everything about them, including how to do it.  I am very lucky to have been born in the century I was because it is amazing. You can look up something and get the answers you want in a helpful and easy way. This is what I did, and what I found made me very very happy. I thought it would be nice to share with you.

So in order to have a mind palace you have to have a place that you are very familiar with, the easiest being the place in which you live. When you have this place, walk around it in a clockwise position and list 5 objects in each room going clockwise. Go around your entire house doing this. Once you have a list (in order) of everything, memorize it. You want to be able to know this list so well that if someone asks you randomly, "Whats number 7?" you'll be able to answer right away. When you've done this and are confident, try to imagine yourself walking through the house, noticing each of the objects you chose in detail. If you can do this, then you are ready to start training. 

As an example, look up a list of groceries online and try to memorize it. You do this by associating each object on the list in order with the objects in your mind palace. Say that the first item is bacon and your first object is your front door, you can imagine bacon reaching out from around the door trying to get you. That is how a mind palace works, it will take a long time to get good at, but when you do it is said that you will be able to memorize things easier and for a longer amount of time. 

Thank you for reading, GOOD LUCK!

Published by Zeb Cooley