Have you ever walked into a room for the first time and you did not know anyone there? It's kind of like the first day of school, right? You ask whether the class will be easy or whether you'll make that many new friends that first week. You see, I used to think that way back in grade school and throughout my time in college. I'd walk in with a timid and slightly hunched body language and find it difficult to look anyone in the eye nor was I able to provide a sincere smile. That's not the case with Harvey Spectre's character in Suits. If you're not familiar with Harvey then you must click here to find out. I promise you'll love it. 

When Harvey walks in a room he doesn't wonder if they like him, he wonders if he'll like them. He's practically a flame to the moth. He has this aura that grabs people's attention before he even opens his mouth. This trait of choosing rather than wanting to be liked is extremely attractive. A person who is proud of himself and is unapologetic about who he is and what he brings to the table is one who is sincere. People know what he is all about and he isn't trying to be agreeable to be liked.

Simply choosing to wonder if you'll like others rather than wondering if they'll like you will earn people's respect. It's not arrogant in the least to think this way because it's your life not anyone else's. You are SUPPOSED to shape your own life journey and choosing who you want to spend time with begins with asking if you want to allow this person to continue being in your life or not. 

Begin today by allowing yourself to be the boss wherever you go. You're not arrogant or egotistical in any shape or form but you come in with a strong and solid posture. Anyone that comes your way you'll greet with a nice smile and solid eye contact. Some questions that you should wonder are: "what is this person about?" or "do we have the same interests?". No longer will you wonder if you'll live up to his or her expectations because you're going to continue to be your great self (a little Tobby Robbins pep talk there, ay?).

I don't want to end with something vague by telling you to be confident but that you just be yourself and you'll see how others will respond more positively when you do. 


Published by Bryan Agbayani