I read this book when I was 16, it was called “The Secret” written by Rhonda Byrne. This book taught me about the Law of Attraction. 

The energy that you put into thinking either good or bad things gets sent out into the universe and in return, the universe sends back the energy you gave it. 

Now everything in our universe is made up of energy, so this law only makes sense. 

You think bad or negative thoughts, you get bad or negative things happen to you in life. If you think happy and positive thoughts, you’ll get happy and positive things happen to you.

Now at first I was skeptical at first. I had tried writing thing I wanted down in my gratitude book, and thanking the universe for what I was grateful for, but nothing was changing. Yes I did one step right. My mindset though hadn’t changed. I was still thinking negatively. 

In the new year when I was 17 my mom took me to a vision board gathering at a community centre in my city. It was a bunch of women sitting around a huge table with almost a hundred different magazines. We were told to cut out  pictures of things we wanted and paste them on a poster board. When we got home I hung my board across from my bed, a place I look every day, as we were told to do. 

2 weeks later, my mom came home with pink snow brush/ice scraper the exact ones I had on my board. I was blown away! That Valentine’s Day my boyfriend at the time bought me a pandora bracelet, again it was another thing on my board. That summer in August, my boyfriend and I had gotten a puppy we named him Lip, short for Phillip. Just another thing off the board. It took a while but I started to believe in the Law of attraction. 

Now all I think and imagine is my life exactly the way I want it to be. Things are rough now, but I will have the life I live in my mind just like every other millionaire out there!! 

I challenge you to read “the secret” and then make a vision board. Don’t forget to place it somewhere you look every single day! 


Happily Estranged Momma

Published by Jessica Schuurman