Only a few hours had passed after signing the papers on our first house when it all started. 

When we were looking for our future house, I envisioned a floor plan with the kitchen open into the living and dining room where I could see my little one playing and entertain guest easily. Unfortunately, in the house we were seeing that day had large cabinets blocking the view and was keeping this vision from becoming a reality. The kitchen felt so dark and closed off with its current set up but we loved the rest of the house and its beautiful property.



Only a few hours had passed after signing the papers on our first house when it all started. We immediately got to work on tearing out those cabinets above the peninsula to open up the kitchen space and make it feel light and bright. We ran into some problems ripping out the cabinets. The previous owners had a sound system that ran into the cabinets so we had to rip all that out as well. Can you see already how much light is pouring into this space?



In the end,  it was totally worth it because it made all the difference. Removing the cabinets made our small house look 3X bigger. We still needed upper storage so we added a part of the cabinet to the back wall and then we removed all the dated trim. We also brought in a small kitchen island on casters so we can move it out of the way when needed. This was such an easy mini update that anyone could do to their own home. We are loving having this large open space and the rooms feel so much brighter. Now I can see my child when she is playing in the family room and when we have guests I can easily entertain them without being closed off from the group.


Published by Amy Bennett