This yellow fellas truly has taken the world by storm! Who wouldn’t find them cute and adorable? They have made a mark almost everywhere and yes, even on this donut shop.😉

For quick sweet bites, smidgets really are the way to go. And for this special variant, the minions’ fave fruit was the filling. Yes, these yellow donut balls are filled with banana. Upon biting into it, I was expecting a banana candy taste but it surprisingly wasn’t. The taste was mild that went well with the donut ball.

I didn’t want to eat it. Hahaha. How could I right? But I had to taste it. This one comes in three flavors, namely, Banana Bavarian, Classic Bavarian and Chocolate Bavarian. Oddly, my fave among these is the Banana Bavarian. It was really good! No wonder the minions love bananas.😛

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Published by The Hungry Employee