you know that feeling when you try and rush in a cold shower and you're just in a rush and you have lots of things to do before bed and it's very sad and you check your phone before you pop in. go back to your home screen, see the widge and there FUCK "my trending stories" and yeah so then you have to write a post before the day is over and you continue to get crushed by the gears of life. 

So today's post which I'll speed type is about this one thing I said probably years ago, actually someone else said it and I stole it because I quite liked the line. "If I don't do it this once I'll never do it again." actually perhaps it was me but who cares. We were at some rowing session and I was really tired or had an exam next or something (so it was me who said it) and yeah that's what I meant. 

I think for me once I make an excuse once it develops and then eventually I'll never do it again. My words were prophetic it turns out, after just about 100% attendance, I missed one session and never really recovered and eventually got kicked out for not going to sessions. 

Daily habits or just habits are just really important in all honesty, I've been trying to cultivate them recently because they are what will propel me into the future. I have the blogging but also random small ones that I do every day, I used to do 200 pressups, I blog, do a handstand before the shower and weird obscure ones like reciting the precepts of dokkodo. 

With my flashcards I stopped after prelims and then after that it was kinda awful and I still haven't properly started again and that makes me sad and I'll try start it again but tonight is not the night, not if I want good sleep. 

Published by Kevin Li