The definition of ‘Misunderstand’ from are as follows:

/ˌmɪs ʌn dərˈstænd/

verb (used with object)misunderstood, misunderstanding.

  1. to take (words, statements, etc.) in a wrong sense; understand wrongly.
  2. to fail to understand or interpret rightly the words or behaviour of.

I am a Muslim and I believe in the religion of Prophet Muhammad SAW and all the prophets before him.

I do not really address the issue of religion on my blog but I believe that there is an epidemic of misinterpretation and misunderstanding that I feel should be addressed. There is a rise in misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the religion of Islam and what its holy text say and it has come to a point where I feel that the lies and rumours spread about are suffocating the truth from being told.

Therefore, I would just want to share three things.

Firstly, if you have any misunderstanding regarding the religion of Islam or any other religion for that matter, approach a practising person from that faith, actually no, approach several practising persons from that faith. Question them, debate with them and listen to their arguments. Listen to what they have to say. If you are not satisfied, approach a teacher of that faith. For Islam, approach a mosque, meet with one of the teachers or a scholar there, get their perspective on the topics you have questions on and see what they have to say. The problem that we are facing now is that many of us, be it Muslims, non-Muslims, atheists, we go online to do our ‘research’, reading holy texts at face value and misinterpreting them leading to misunderstanding and confusion. Then, we act on our misunderstanding, attacking the people of that particular faith. That is completely wrong.

Secondly, go and ask with an open mind. I believe this is applicable to all other forms of knowledge be it religious or scientific in nature. When we want to learn or understand something, we need to bring down the mental barriers/prejudices that we have. Understand and listen what others have to say, you might even learn something.

Finally, for all practising Muslims and people of faith, practise what you preach. This is especially important when we are confronted by arrogant people who are focused on bringing you down and breaking you apart, causing you to doubt. If we practise what we preach, maybe they would take us seriously.

We should never retaliate with anger and hatred when confronted, instead, we should reason and argue with logic and rationality of our own religion. Strive to bring your point across, but if they are emotionally-driven, back away as your efforts would be futile. I agree that it might not be satisfying as insulting and scolding them but trust me, it would be much more beneficial for others and you.


Published by Mohamad Hakim