They come here by habit

And smile the right way

And pause as they honour

The Lord’s Sabbath Day.

Yes, pause, from a schedule

That seems quite removed

From meekness and mercy

The things that He loved.

And quick, shake the hand

And guide to a seat

As music is starting

A smart lively beat.

With words full of victory

And treasures to win.

No mention of reverence

Of testing, of sin.

Announcements to follow

Of programs galore.

It seems every interest

Has something in store.

And plates passed around

To fatten the till

While building plans beckon

The thirsty thirst still.

And finally a message

Of humour and art

And life illustration

But where is God’s heart?

They’ve missed it

In all the mechanics and rush

The Blood of the Lamb

The Spirit’s love push.


Published by Doug Blair