It has been a while since I was here. Apologies to my lovely readers. I have been halfway around the world and back and might have fallen in love with the beautiful Australia. Travelling with four children and a grumpy husband is not the easiest, but we made the most of it and have returned without anyone losing an eye or a leg due to frustration or someone taking it out!

Since returning, work has increased to a manic pace and I have added to my load by encouraging a fifth of the school to join my writing group for the National Novel Writing Month.  There is nothing more inspiring than seeing a bunch of potential authors brimming with excitement and enthusiasm as they embark on a writing challenge.  If all goes well, we might just reach our target of 20 000 words. Those that complete their stories by the end of November and achieve their target word count will be added to an anthology of stories which I will publish next year.  It's a ridiculous amount of work and I am in the midst of taking the challenge myself. Only 7000 words in I have to reach 50 000 in under two weeks and motivate forty children to reach their targets too.

Today was spent threshing out the story with my niece, who sat patiently as my mind developed the story for her.  Some of the threads might not link just yet, the majority of the story now spoken out and so a reality. If I keep the visuals of the story in mind, it should be easy to move from one sequence to another.

The idea is to write a romance. Hmm. A tall order because I can already see someone getting killed and an investigation opening up.  It doesn't help that my main character is a detective and I already have a psycho lined up for a deadly show down. Let's see if I can inject some romance into the midst of it all.

I suppose I'd best get to it as time is ticking away. When I get a chance to escape, I shall return and give you a better update on the writing.  Tomorrow is an update on word counts for the children. Fingers crossed I will have good news for you all.

Have a great week.


Published by Eloise De Sousa