Last week I was watching The Lovely Bones, a beautifully tragic story about a young girl who was murdered by an unsuspecting neighbor who had quite the fascination with killing young girls. Before the 14 year old had completely crossed over to the other side, she stayed in the 'in-between" to guide her family in bringing the killer out of the shadows.

Question... is there an "in-between"? Do you think that it is possible for freed souls to stay behind for whatever unfinished business they may have?

Some who read this blog will snuff their noses at the questions I have raised while they dismiss everything with their smug snickering. Some will say that there is indeed an "in-between" and that souls stay behind for a bit before crossing over to whatever side they will spend their afterlives on. Some will question right along with me, pondering the tantalizing thoughts of truth or bullshit. Lastly, some won't care either way.

Yes, I admit that these odd thoughts seep into my mind every now and again. Sleepless nights lead to finding one's self in deep thought, or watching Netflix. ;) I wonder when I'll die. Hoping that I still have a long life ahead of me to dream on and earn the title of being a Juggernaut. I wonder how I will die. Will my demise be of natural causes or something more grimace. I also wonder if pain will suck up all of my energy in the last few ticking moments or a peaceful final kiss goodnight will conclude my life.

I'm sure you think that I'm crazy to be asking such questions and pondering such thoughts at my age. Am I? Do these type of thoughts ever sneak their way into your overdriven mind?


Published by Derra Sabo