There are times when we may feel that an invisible force is pushing us down when so much is rising.  These are the times when we are almost observing ourselves as the Universe, the world, and everyone around us is moving way too fast.  Everything not of love is being pushed to the surface for healing while we are remaining in a place of love.  Really?  These are the times many of us feel we should be considered “Missing in Action”.  I think much of this week would have me “Missing in Action”.  I know I am okay, but it does not seem that way because the world is totally in a whirlpool of activity, but I do not seem to be a part of it.  It is hard to find the love, to find my happiness, when everything outside of me is moving in ways I do not always understand.  

These times may seem problematic when in essence they are evidence that healing is occurring around us, the solutions to problems, including our own problems, are happening as the Universe plays its role in moving all of us where we need to be at any given moment.  You see, the Universe is teeming with possibility.  Sometimes it is our turn to participate in that possibility; sometimes, it is not.  But we feel the pressure around us, but the Universe is working to make us better.  Sometimes we need healing; sometimes we do not.  A secret at a time like this is to remain in love, learn to be quiet in happiness, and let the World pass us by.  That is what I have done for several days, and now I am coming back into the flow…it is my time, and I am glad I have found the wisdom to just “be” sometimes.  That is hard for me because I tend to be a doer, now I have to learn to do “being”.

Published by Janice Marie