Strange it seems

And back with every morning

The song, the plumes

Like none I've ever seen

It takes my breath

Blue flashing from the jungle

And shines with joy

Like something from a dream.

Though days seem long

And men out to the forest

To harvest teak for ships so far away

And women cook

And tend their little babies

While I a wandering pup

Face one more pointless day.

That bird comes back

With all its eastern mystery

And says to me:

“I spend most days alone

But you affirm and seek me

In the morning

Just as you wish

They'd come and seek

God's throne.

I have been placed here

With exquisite purpose

And so have you

Dear preacher, doctor Friend

So shine and sing

And brighten up this forest

And realize Christ works you

To His brilliant end.”


Published by Doug Blair