We recently took a road trip to the east coast of the USA. We had a great time with family and friends. The weather was perfect. I breathed in salty air and stuck my toes in the ocean. Ahhhhh.

Well, on the way home to The Middle, Missouri to be precise, we came across these clouds to the north of us. I love to see the skies in the mid-west. They are much like the ocean I left behind. At least that is one of the ways I have had to face the culture change I went through moving to The Middle back in 2009.

I have always lived in coastal states. I grew up in a town that was not far from the ocean and spent most of my growing up years at the beach all summer long. I love the vastness of the sea. I enjoy being on a boat or just sitting or walking on the sandy beaches.

So moving to a land-locked state I had to find new enjoyments. I had to find new normals. The sky is one. The way it always changes color and cloud shapes. And the storms! Magnificent, leaving room for my vast imagination. And coffee - well, that's for another time......


cate b

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