Hi everyone,
I have this striped skirt for the longest time but never actually worn it, so I decided it's too much of a pity and I styled it up with this gorgeous orange top. The sleeves and the whole texture make it perfect for adding some colour to any outfit. As I often find myself, I always feel the need to wear something black which tends to look a bit depressing especially in the beautiful and colourful summer. This is why, I'm currently trying to brighten up my outfit choices and show the colourful side of me! What is your most prefered colour for the summer time? I hope it's not black! 
Anyway, without further due let's jump right into the outfit~


I added a simple necklace and a bag to finish everything up. What is your favourite way of styling skirts? For or against styling them with sneakers? I would love to know~
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Photos: by Michail Bratanov 
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