Smartphones have touched the lives of the people in many ways in the last couple of years. People have become so dependent on smartphone applications to perform their day to day routines or any means of communication. They use them for finding a store, booking hotels, ordering foods, transferring data, and handling online transactions, etc.

According to the Statista report, there will be 4 million smartphone users all over the world by 2020. It is clear that people are now slowly shifting to smartphones from desktops.

People are more comfortable to perform a quick search about anything in mobiles rather than desktops. It is not possible to carry a desktop everywhere. Also, a mobile phone having internet connection becomes easy to access anywhere and anytime. And because of this convenience, people are now addicted to their mobile phones, and they keep accessing the internet through them even in between an ongoing task.

So to make their interest persistent, we have to work on mobile applications to maintain the traffic of the targeted audience.

Here are some mobile app development trends for 2019 that will surely help.

1. Internet of Things

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

3. Cloud Integration

4. App Security

5. Mobile Payment

6. Wearable Integration Apps

7. AR/VR

1. Internet of Things

Internet of things is nothing but the use of advanced devices connected over a network with embedded technology such as software, electronics, sensors, actuators and connectors to connect devices to interact and exchange data.

Since the past few years, IoT has been making scores over the apps. IoT is now connecting the home appliances and day to day objects with embedded technology to make it possible for you to communicate with them over the internet. It means you can monitor and control them from remote areas.

IOT has transformed the management systems in fields of education, health care, e-commerce, transportation and humans ways of living. For example,  in case of comfort, you can switch on/off your AC, TV from your phone remotely. In the case of health care using some chip technology doctor can monitor patients in an emergency case. In the case of security, cops can monitor street cameras and look for public safety.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence combined with machine learning is a machine that acts like a real human. Many of you have used apps like makeup apps (to figure out how you will look when you wear a particular lipstick or foundation), or funny filter apps. These apps recognize your face structure and giving the results that are possible because of neural networks and artificial intelligence.

Apart from fun and entertainment, virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google assistants make our day to day plannings easy. From planning our schedules, meetings to sending texts and calls, ordering food, providing all updates they act like a real human who is there every time to help!

As per the International Data Corporation AI market is estimated at $40 billion by 2020. From this figure, you get an idea that it will hit the market.

3. Cloud Integration

This trend needs to be adopted by most of the applications as we know mobile phones have limited storage, and there is plenty of data to be stored. There can be situations when you have to format phone storage, or you lose your phone. In this scenario, it is always advisable to keep your data back up in the cloud and recover when needed.

Cloud storage provides ample amount of storage space to keep your documents safe there so that you can access them from anywhere anytime, and free up your mobile space. Thus developing apps with cloud storage functionality should be the agenda!

4. App Security 

There are a lot of applications in the app store to use, but before installing any app, the user is concerned about app security and privacy. Also, some applications use more data, slow down the process and consume more space. Therefore, while developing the app, you should avoid these things.

Mobile application firms have to develop apps that can keep users private data secure. This way they can build trust and maintain their ranking and reputation.

Not only mobile applications company, but this trend will also take the banking sector ahead. Integrating secure payment wallets and payment gateway in this digitalized era will be the best move.

6. Integrating Wearable Apps

Mobile technology is soaring high and synchronizing the wearable apps with it will take both on the cliff. Nowadays there is a craze of smartwatches and fitness gadgets among all of us. Thus integrating different apps with the smartwatches will prove to be highly essential.

Not only entertainment and fitness sector but the medical professionals are also suggesting their patients to use wearable devices to keep track of their health. Fitness devices can help you check your heart rate and sugar level frequently.

Also from a security point of view, if you are using a wearable device, your location can be tracked if you go missing.

7. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Since we are discussing major mobile app trends, we can't afford to neglect augmented reality and virtual reality. This trend has left us with a word called "beyond the screen. " Yes, both these technologies have been entertaining the gaming and social media business for the last few years and are spreading their roots slowly in other zones.

After creating an impact in the gaming world, augmented reality and virtual reality are getting popular in social media. Let us take an example of lens cart application that helps you choose your glasses by face recognition technique.

Also, developers can use this functionality in shopping apps where users can try clothes or accessories and then choose a product accordingly.

This trend will hit the market by 2020 and will generate approximately $209 billion, according to the reports of Statista.


The mobile app industry has come a long way in the past few years and will continue to develop further by adopting advanced technologies in the future.

Listed above are some top mobile app development trends that will help you beat the cut-throat competition that you receive from both new and existing players. 

Published by Ruby Daub