Since I became observant, I've taken it upon myself to perform many mitzvot, with varying levels of success. Kosher? Easy. Davening at home? Not so easy. Davening in Shul? Wonderful. Keeping shabbes? Pretty much impossible. Tznius? Well... For lots of people, dressing modestly is one of the hardest things about teshuvah. It's confusing and new and uncomfortable and expensive. You feel like you're going to have to buty a brand new wardrobe and you'll never look beautiful again, and so on and so forth.. I sympathise. I really do. But for me, tznius is the simplest mitzvah. It's beautiful. It's rewarding. It's easy to understand. And actually, I didn't have to change my wardrobe that much after all. Most of all, though, I found it simple on a psychological level. Maybe because I was already fairly tzniusdik, but I didn't feel frumpy or unattractive when I switched from trousers to skirts, and short sleeves to long. And for this, I'm eternally thankful to G-d. Thank You, G-d for making it so easy for me to look like a bat Yisroel!


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Published by Lily Smythe