HI, There! 
Im a stay at home Mom, and  I found an amazing way to make some side money (actually a bit more than I first expected). I like to help other moms out in every way I can, and helping them make money for their family is defiantly a start. I work with a few work from home companies and thought I knew it all. Man I was wrong. I was working much harder than I needed to be.
On a playdate at the park one of the mommy's made $160 on her phone in an hour....now I wouldn't have believe it unless I saw it with my own eyes, and then she explained how.  At first I did not think it was real because I already saw a video on an Facebook video ad the week before and thought it was a scam or another marketing deal. We'll her bank account does not lie.  Its 100% real. Took me only a few days to see that.
You get paid weekly to your Pal Pal Account (then mine goes to my bank account automatically) plus tons of extra benefits. 
Listen, If you can copy and paste then you can market for a company that will pay you too! They already have what to post and everything..They just need posters. 
It took me 3 Days to get the hang of it-and then the money just started coming. One day I didn't post anything and still got paid from an older post, LOL-Nicole 
Check it out at www.Mymomboss.com 
Theres a video that explains it all. It says " $500-$2000" weekly...I make about $300-400 working and posting apx 15/hrs a week. (not bad) my friend has been doing it much longer and makes much more, almost $90,000 last year!
Good luck! I love to see other woman empowered. They have a new a facebook page too. 

Published by Nicole #MOMBOSS