The Fall is very exciting and colorful season, the sound of crunchy leaves when you walking, yellow, red, orange, brown leaves  sprinkled over the roads or  shaking with distinction  on the trees blown by wind. Woolen warm sweaters and comfy leggins, orange round pumpkins settled in front of the stores. Its nice and gently way of saying good bye to the summer and slowly bow to welcome winter. Its beautiful time to do photography outside.

The Halloween crowns all the beauty of the season, after that we step in to more gloomy November which we would like to skip just to be closer to the Christmas mood.

I went to the store to look for Halloween costumes for kids, not really hunt for them like crazy till I find the One, but just get over it and find something nice in affordable price. Luckily, alone visit in one store and I got it. Then I just had  the thrill if they will become kids approved…. I picked up my son from school and told him, that I got great Scooby Doo costume for him, I knew that he likes that cartoon. And I anxiously waited for respond…then it happened. His face didn’t look happy, he didn’t thank me, and I just heard complains, how he is going to look as a dog… and all those unhappy expressions…. So all my excitement was gone, but I  felt it still might the light of the end of the tunnel.

So after we went home, I told him if  he could at least have a look on the costume. And then after few minutes we was gone in his room.Miracle happened, he came to me said that he loved it! Ha! I was just standing there confused and amazed…

Kids always are going to surprise you. The same when you plan to do pictures with kids, never know how it will turn out. Its good to have some plan…but then amazing might happened not planed and in the moment you not expect.

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Published by Kate Kobryn